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Year 1 Indicative Reading List



Here are the indicative reading lists for Year 1's main modules at The School of Bartlett Planning. As always, these are only essential introductions and exploring other texts is very important to effective reading. All of these books are also accessible through the Bartlett Library. 

ENVS 1014 Introducing Planning Systems

Introduction to Planning Practice
John Wiley & Sons
Town and Country Planning in the UK
By Barry Cullingworth, Vincent Nadin, Trevor Hart, Simin Davoudi, John Pendlebury, Geoff Vigar, David Webb, Tim Townshend

This book gives valuable insights into the UK planning system. It is recommended used for the final exam revision. 


ENVS 1015 Planning History and Thought

 This book briefly covers the planning history in the UK and is  a recommended  reference book for  the final exam revision. 


ENVS 1018 Introducing Urban Design: Urban Design Skills

This course involves urban design and recommended textbooks are listed here

Public Places Urban Spaces: The Dimensions of Urban Design
By Matthew Carmona, Tim Heath, Taner Oc, Steve Tiesdell

This book could be considered as a standard textbook on its subject, which provides an  overview and general guide

 to the principles of urban design theory and practice. It is a recommended reading for Project 1&2.

ENVS 1023 Management for Built Environment Professionals 1

A comprehensive introduction to the themes and functions of management in general within the clear process framework of planning, organising, leading and controlling. Applicable for all editions.  It is designed for student who are new to to the field of management. 

Introduction to Management
By Richard Pettinger

Drawing on the author's own extensive experience of planning practice at all levels, the content of the book focus on major new text reflects on both the skills needed to do the job and how these might be developed. It is valuable for the essay writing on this module. 

ENVS 1019 Production of the Built Environment

A comprehensive reading list will be provided at the beginning of the course and is to be found in moodle. Do prepare in advance by selecting reading from that list.

ENVS 1016 Contemporary Cities

There is required reading for each seminar, listed here. A copy of all required reading however will be provided to you.

ENVS 1017 Urban Lab 1

 This course involves Photoshop, Architectural drawing and Graphic design, recommended textbooks are listed here.

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