Bartlett Urban Planing Society

Be a part of the 2017-2018 BUPS Committee

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BartlettUPS Committee Roles & Responsibilities (2017/2018)

Below are the various roles that are open for application, and a description of what each specific role involves.

 Chair (Currently Jonny Metcalfe)

  • Leading and managing the Team to make sure our objectives and deadlines are met.

  • Chair meetings and discuss issues to make decisions as a committee; make decisions on behalf of the Committee whenever necessary.

  • Coordinate and liaise with committee members, students, Bartlett staff members, external speakers and personnel when organising events.

  • Invite guest speakers.

  • Checks and replies to emails.

  • Dealing with financial aspect of society, accounts, expenses, budgeting, and negotiation for budgeting. Setting the anticipated BUPS Year Budget.

  • Make financial projections at the beginning of each term, and whenever necessary.

  • Keep record of income and expenditure, report deficit if any.

  • Closely liaise with the Department in gaining approval for expenditure.

  • Help create catering orders for society events.



    Vice-Chair (Currently Heather Yuen)

  • Assist the Chair with the coordination of the Society and lead other members in the Chair’s absence.

  • Coordinate with year reps to organise activities and social events.

  • Liaising with Hui, BSP Careers Coordinator, to assists and promote BSP career events and internship opportunities.

  • Promote the Society and its events to the student population.

  • Coordinate internship data—ensure that new and coherent information (article links, stories, and events) is posted regularly.

  • Assist Chair in creating catering orders for society events.

  • Cross-check expenses and society budget with the Chair.


    Secretary (Currently Dilys Teoh)

  • Coordinating internal communications, taking minutes, supporting chair by ensuring all tasks get completed.

  • Ensure effective communication with the Committee via Facebook, Gmail & etc.

  • Support with ideas for BartlettUPS, eg: speakers to invite.

  • Write minutes for all meetings and set priorities for the agenda, circulating these to committee members.

  • Responsible for securing room bookings for events and weekly BUPS Committee meetings.



    Communication Officer (Currently Daniel Hughes)

  • Coordinate and attend weekly meetings.

  • Responsible for compiling and sending weekly/biweekly based newsletters to Jenny/Nina

  • Watch out for events on the Bartlett planning website and our UCL emails so that the event calendar, our weekly newsletter and BartlettUPS Facebook page can be updated with upcoming events/activities.

  • Aid in promoting Society events.


    Marketing Design Officer (Currently Syon Yoon)

  • Apply creativity and design skills, utilising Photoshop, to create posters to advertise and promote society events.

  • Help in designing the look, style and layout of welcome gifts and merchandising.

  • Play a key role in the visual marketing of the society and its events.


             Social Media Officer (Currently Hannah Richins)

  • Event advertising and circulating information.

  • Manage various Facebook pages across Year 1, 2 and 3 pages, as well as the main BUPS Facebook page.

  • Market and promote the Society and its events.


    Social Media Officer (Currently Minnie Cheung)

  • Manage and regularly update the BUPS Twitter feed

  • Manage and update the BUPS Website, updating the website with event listings as well as other webpage information.

  • Event advertising and circulating information.