What our Students (past and present) Say..


Bartlett School of Planning Alumni


Meilin Yeo: “Overall, I really enjoyed my time at the Bartlett. Not only was I given the chance to extend my educational and practical boundaries to another country, I was able to discover new things about myself that I never knew. For example, I was able to impress my internship employers when I was able to apply the knowledge and problem solving skills I have acquired in school to the work scope. Moreover, getting involved in the BUPS for the second year has immensely helped me to build up on my confidence, the ability to delegate and communicate efficiently.”


Arya Taware: "As a first year student at the Bartlett school of planning, I was a year representative and STAR member. It was a good experience as this position gives direct access to the decision making process. Also, staff members like Jenny and Dr Elizabeth are very supportive and encouraging."

Kilian Boltersdorf: “A great thing about studying at the Bartlett is that London provides such an amazing setting in which to discover and see the physical application of concepts and theories discussed in lectures and tutorials. I further really appreciate the international exposure be it through fellow course mates, the excursion in first year or the study abroad programme.”

Ding Hao: "Bartlett offers a very diverse, or 'international' experience. On the one hand, u are exposed to ideas from many other countries brought to u by international teachers and students as well as exchange students. On the other hand, u also have opportunities to exchange to many schools outside the UK, which will allow u to explore and understand different planning ideas and practices, further enhancing ur global perspective."

Patrish Zituboh-Zeabie: “The Bartlett School of Planning give students the opportunity to get involved in other activities outside of their studies such as being a year representative, a student ambassador and tour guide for prospective students. Participation in such activities is beneficial for your overall development as an undergraduate here at UCL, and is highly recognised by prospective employers.”


Nicholas Lam: “The BSc Urban Studies programme gives students the opportunity to tailor-make the course to their own liking. It is perfect for students who has a strong interest in urbanism and the built environment, but wants to explore modules outside of the department as well.“

Real Funds: "The idea of launching Realestate crowdfunding platform  ‘RealFunds'- www.realfunds.co.uk came to us at the Bartlett when we realised the gap in the real estate market. Realfunds allows people to invest in the development project in their local community and beyond with investment starting from as little as 500 GBP. At the same time this provides property developers access to alternative source of capital to build more projects especially residential schemes. Our vision is to eliminate the exclusivity and encourage local funds into London property market".